My desk


I use Spotify for my music. I've tried Apple Music but the recommendations just aren't there. Sometimes I pay for Premium, sometimes I don't. Depending on if I'm listening to music a lot that month.

When I'm working I tend to listen to country music or synthwave. I sometimes have a listen to one of Spotify's fast going fitness playlists which really helps me to focus.

Outside of work time, I'll mostly listen to Worship music.

IDE/Text editor

I use PHPStorm as my IDE of choice, it's great for source diving, something I've become better at these past months. However, it can be quite slow some time, especially when it tries to reindex every time I run composer or yarn. I use the Material Oceanic colour scheme with Fira Code as my font.

For light coding or front-end work, I'll often just use Sublime Text. I pretty much just use Sublime as it is.


I use iTerm as my Terminal with the Oh My Zsh shell, the minimal layout and the 'Facebook' colour scheme.

Mac Apps

  • Droplr for screenshots

  • Discord, Slack, Telegram for communication

  • Google Chrome as my primary browser and Firefox as my backup

  • Github Desktop for Git

  • Sketch for design

  • TablePlus for database management

  • Tinkerwell for tinkering with PHP

  • Tuple for pair programming

My picture

Duncan McClean