Finding an idea can be hard...

Posted on Sep 4, 2019.

I'm getting to that point with ReadCast where it's starting to be pretty stable and the features are pretty much what I wanted them to be when I initially started.

This is leading me to think about starting another side project. The only thing is: I want to do it for real this time.

Before I put my time and effort into creating a project, I want to know for sure that it's something developers (my chosen audience) will use. Rather than spending lots of time on a product only to launch it and find out no one ever needed it and that I had wasted my time.

I've actually tried to keep a list in Todoist every time I came up with a possible business idea, these are a few of the things I came up with.

  • App that provides consistency for open-source repositories created by an organisation - keeping's, .gitignore etc the same style and in sync
  • App that PRs all the time to make sure you are following JavaScript, PHP, CSS best practises.
  • Clean live chats for small and medium Saas companies
  • Single app for messaging with others

I tried making a few of them and a few of them I just decided would just be too complicated or is just not technically possible (the last one).

I think what I'm going to do over the next few days is study a few different developers I know and find their pain points of doing everyday work and see if there's a common issue in there that could be solved by a software product.

If I remember correctly, that's what Justin Jackson said to do in one of his Laracon talks.