My Favourite Podcasts, Video tutorials, Newsletters and Blogs for Web Developers

Posted on Oct 18, 2018.

It's over a year since I wrote this article so some of the information may be a little out of date compared to newer articles.

You can often find me reading web development articles or listening to podcasts. I’ve collected some of my personal favourites resources that I think might be useful for other web developers, like myself.


CodePen Radio — The CodePen Team run a weekly podcast where they chat about all things running a web business. Full Stack Radio — Full Stack Radio is run by Adam Wathan, a well-respected figure in the Laravel community. He talks to others about product design, user experience, unit testing and more. ShopTalk — Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert run Shop Talk show. SyntaxFM — Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski record two episodes of Syntax a week. One episode is around 15 minutes long and they talk about a specific topic. And the other episode is longer, around an hour and talks about multiple topics. Laravel Podcast — This podcast talks about news and in the Laravel community and they often interview people in the Laravel community. Dads in Development — The Dads in Dev podcast talks about being dads and being geeks. It’s hosted by David Hemphill and Andrew Del Prete. North Meets South Web Podcast — This podcast is hosted by Michael Dyrynda and Jacob Bennett. Michael and Jacob talk about life as web developers while battling a 14 hour time difference.

Video Tutorials

Codecourse — I first learned about Laravel through some videos on Codecourse. The videos are very well planned and are simple. Codecourse also provides various other subjects which you can learn about like Nodejs and Laracasts — Laracasts is a great website with lots of tutorials on Laravel and Vue. I would recommend it to anyone getting started with Laravel. “It’s like Netflix for your career” Vue School — If you’re looking to dig into Vue, then Vue School is for you. There are new videos being added every week. The website is run by Alex Kyriakidis (who is also a member of the Vue Core Team) and Rolf Haug.


CodePen Spark — CodePen produces a weekly newsletter with links to various things in the front-end web development world. Justin Jackson — Justin sends out frequent emails with startup advice, lessons and tips for growing your business. I find that it’s one of the only emails that I actually read. WPMUDev WHIP — The WHIP newsletter has links to news articles across the WordPress community. Freek’s newsletter — Freek Van der Herten, who is very well known in the Laravel community, sends out an email every two weeks with interesting links for modern PHP Developers


Laravel News — Laravel News is a Laravel focused blog sharing tools and packages to help you with your Laravel apps. Matt Stauffer — Matt Stauffer who works for Tighten blogs every so often on Laravel related topics. Smashing Magazine — an Overall great blog for front-end web developers. CSS Tricks — Everyone knows what CSS Tricks is BBC Internet Blog — The BBC run a blog on what goes on behind the scenes of BBC Online. The BBC Gel site is also a good read.