About my recent redesign

Posted on Oct 30, 2019.

You might have noticed that I've recently redesigned this site. In fact, it's not just a redesign, it's a whole rebuild. From the ground up.

The old site was a Systatic site (my old static site generator) that got its content from a Ghost backend hosted on Heroku. This site is much simpler (kind of) - it's a fairly basic Laravel application that stores Markdown posts in a database, among other things.

Not only did I redesign the site and rebuilt the backend of it, I also moved it from being a subdomain of my family's domain name: duncan.mcclean.co.uk to duncanm.dev. The major benefit this gives me is that I'm in control of everything whereas with the family domain name I don't have any control over how that works...

From this post onwards, my plan is to have every post cross-published on my dev.to profile.

Now that I've put loads of time into actually rebuilding this site, hopefully I'll actually start to write more (hopefully interesting) posts.