How School Has Shaped Me

An essay I wrote for a school exam about how school has shaped me. I talked about my experiences at both of my primary schools and about when I moved to secondary school.

About my recent redesign

I recently redesigned/rebuilt and migrated my entire website to a new Laravel app. I talk a little bit about why I did it.

Setting up Laravel Forge for a Statamic site

Every site needs to be hosted, and your Statamic site is no different. The recommended solution is a combination of Digital Ocean and Laravel Forge to handle your hosting and provisioning respectively.

Finding an idea can be hard...

I'm getting to that point with ReadCast where it's starting to be pretty stable and the features are pretty much what I wanted them to be when I initially started. This is leading me to think about starting another side project. The only thing is: I want to do it for real this time.

Getting Started with testing Laravel Apps

Recently I've started to write tests in my Laravel applications. Tests are useful because they allow you to make sure important parts of your application are working, things like registration or subscriptions.

Update Customer in Stripe using Laravel Cashier

I've just had the situation where I needed to setup my Laravel app to update my customer's information in Stripe when they change it in my app. The method I used to do this is actually undocumented on the official Laravel Cashier documentation, I found it while I was looking through the Cashier code.

How I built a Web Scraper to create a Bin Collection API

A few months back I wrote some code that would go to my local council's website, search for a street name, open the link, get the bins for that week. When I got it working I was amazed at how easy it was. I was able to just take out content from another site and present it however I wanted.

Using Vuex to store authentication in Local Storage

I'm currently Rebuilding BiblioSpot as a standalone Vue app which fetches data from our private API. At the start of the project, I was wondering, how I should go about handling Authentication? I tried out a few different solutions but this one seems to work, so I'm going to go along with it.

CoderDojo Bridgeton Website

For the last year and a half I have been building the CoderDojo Bridgeton website. A large portion of that time was spent creating a static prototype with HTML and CSS.