Use Laravel's Maintenance Mode in Statamic

Now that Statamic is just a package inside a Laravel application, it means you can take advantage of Laravel features. There's a Laravel feature called Maintenance Mode which means visitors will see a 'site down' message.

Makeshift Spock in Statamic 3 with Laravel Forge

Statamic v3 is still in beta and I've started to use it on a few production sites. One thing that's still missing from v2 is Spock. While Spock hasn't been ported to v3, I've came up with my own home grown solution using Laravel Forge.

Setting up for Statamic addon development

Setting up for developing a Statamic 3 addon can be tough. Especially if you've never done package development before. In this post, I guide you through the process of getting everything setup.

2019 Year in Review

I've never written one of these before but I thought it would be a good time to start, especially as I've had a year where quite a few things changed in my life.

How to Force Remove Service Worker from Chrome

Recently, I've been working on building a Progressive Web App for a web application of mine. However in the process I somehow managed to cache the main page of my app, meaning users with the worker installed were stuck with the same HTML. I managed to figure out how to fix it.

Has Christmas become too commercialised?

An essay I wrote for one of my school exams about whether or not Christmas has become overly commercialised. It's led people to believe Christmas is Simon Cowel's birthday, so that's just mad.